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A unique educational opportunity for wisdom and a means to contribute to the greater good of the human family.

The vision is to educate and form ethical leaders for peace & justice, interreligious understanding, and sustainable development around the world.

The Mission Statement

Woodfield seeks to develop the global common good and support those that stand against injustice to effectively address pressing global problems through academically sound learning experiences and flexible distance education programs at the certificate, undergraduate, and graduate levels. These programs are delivered by qualified faculty dedicated to teaching excellence and student achievement. Woodfield Christian University is committed to providing prompt and competent academic and student support services.

In support of the mission, Woodfield Christian University is committed to the following goals:

Provide quality education programs available through a distance education model

Continuously evaluate and improve services and educational programs.

Facilitate students in setting academic, personal, and professional goals.

Why Woodfield?

Our institution brings together scholars and faculty from both developing and developed nations, and Woodfield Christian University provides its diverse student body with research and practical experiences in their selected areas of study. Woodfield is a truly international university in structure, operation, and ambition.

Woodfield Christian University welcomes students from all over the world who are committed to the pursuit of ecclesiastical leadership, peace, justice, interreligious understanding, and sustainable development through research, training, and dialogue with a global community of academics in developed and developing countries. We extend you an invitation to discover more about the unique educational opportunities provided by Woodfield Christian University, and hope that you will find a program that matches your own educational goals.

FIELDS OF STUDY Our educational programs focus on two paths religious studies and Peace and Sustainable Development Studies


The Religious Studies Programs enable students to:

Promote an inquiring, analytical and empathetic approach to the study of religion.
Foster a respectful awareness of the significance of the beliefs and practices for the faith member within the religion of focus.
Develop an understanding of how religion affects people’s lives.
Encourage a global appreciation of the issues surrounding religious and spiritual beliefs, controversies, and movements in the world today.
Form successful religious leaders, able to meet the needs of the community they serve.

The degrees within this program prepare students to understand and navigate religious and theological concepts in domestic and global contexts. Our graduates are prepared to see the significance of religious identities and sensibilities in the professional world. Our degrees enhance students’ professional skills, such as intercultural literacy, critical thinking, analytical writing and speaking. Graduates from our programs go on to serve in a range of settings, including religious institutions, government, and non-government organizations.


The Peace and Sustainable Development Studies (PJS)program enables students to:

Examine international conflict and peacemaking strategies.
Examine conflict resolution frameworks.
Advocate for human rights.
Promote environmental justice and sustainable development.
Promote responsible and prepared Global Peacemakers.

This path is for anyone interested in the future of our world, and how we can improve it. It might be of specific interest to students all over the world who are planning to live and work in developing nations, and to development stakeholders including people in international missions, NGOs, governments, and communities.